Competency Training for IoT and AI - part 2

UDG team and MAIA continue with collaboration. This time on the implementation of a training project called “Competency Training for IoT and AI – InnovateYourFuture” supported by ANSO – Alliance of International Science Organizations, China. This event is also supported by EuroCC Montenegro. Edge AI devices obtained with the support from NVIDIA Academic Grants.

A two-day training workshop is planned for 22-23 April. The workshop will take place at the UDG. The workshop will include lectures on IoT, Data Preparation, AI, ML, and Edge IoT/AI. The target audience is MSc, BSc, and high-school students, but also representatives from the industry and the public interested in some hands-on training on IoT and AI. are welcome, too. You can register for the event by filling the form here. The agenda is below.