Montenegrin Artificial Intelligence Association

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world. Let’s make sure Montenegro is a part of it!

Our story

MAIA - Montenegrin AI Association is an organization with the main purpose of promoting and developing Artificial Intelligence, through research, education and collaboration. The idea arose out of a strong need to bring together our best scientists and engineers working in the field of AI.

With our knowledge and experience, acquired in the country and abroad, we can contribute to our society by joining the accelerated wave of innovation, but also by providing a better understanding and greater interest in this field within our community.

Our Vision


Community & Collaboration

Connecting our scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in an effort to stimulate professional and scientific collaboration and innovation. Through the cooperation with institutions from the region and abroad, we are positioning Montenegro in the AI ecosystem.


Education & Impact

Bringing world-class education and cutting-edge technologies to our society, through knowledge exchange between our members and other educational institutions and organizations in the country.


Research & Development

Utilizing the scientific experience of our members, we want to establish Artificial Intelligence research, drive the next generation of innovative solutions and put it to service within our country.



Artificial intelligence and the development of startups: A new era

Join us at the panel "Artificial intelligence and the development of startups: A new era", organized in cooperation with the Montenegrin Science and Technology Park NTP and the Montenegrin Association for Artificial Intelligence MAIA.

Webinar: Digital twins in health care and a sociological-legal approach to Metaverse technology

It's time for our first webinar in 2023! We invite you to attend the lecture of Mirko Đuković, PhD student of the Central European University in Vienna, who will discuss important topics in the new world of digital technology. Mirko will talk about how Metaverse technology transforms all aspects of our society, about its sociological-legal, as well as security challenges, and the (in)adequacy of existing regulations in the EU.

Competency Training for IoT and AI - part 2

UDG team and MAIA continue with collaboration.


Revolutionizing precision medicine: The impact of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science on Healthcare

Our Partners