OxML 2023!

OxML schools are organized by AI for Global Goals and in partnership with CIFAR and the University of Oxford's Deep Medicine Program.

It is a recurring event that takes place both online and at the University of Oxford and gathers thousands of participants from all around the world.

Two of our MAIA members have already participated in this school and here are their impressions:

Elma: “Oxford Summer School Machine learning in Healthcare was a unique experience for me. I got a fantastic opportunity to meet and listen to lectures from outstanding researchers from all around the world. It was quite encouraging and motivating for me as a PhD student to see many successful professors and students sharing their passion and enthusiasm about the impact of AI in Healthcare.”

Itana: “ ... “

Similar to past schools, OxML 2023 will cover some of the most important topics in machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) that the field is showing a growing interest in (e.g., statistical/probabilistic ML, representation learning, reinforcement learning, causal inference, vision & NLP, geometrical DL, ...) and their applications in sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Their 2023's program consists of multiple schools such as MLx Health, MLx Finance, NLP, MLx Cases, ML Fundamentals, MLx Products, MLx Ops, etc. OxML Health and Finance schools will take place at the University of Oxford's Mathematical Institute between 8-16 July, and will follow a hybrid format (i.e., participants can choose to attend online or in-person).

For more information check out the official website of the school: …

Application deadline is the 27th of March - so you are still on time! If you need any help with the application do not hesitate to contact Elma or Itana!

Best of luck!!