Welcome to the first AI organization in Montenegro!

The Montenegrin AI Association (MAIA) is the result of the joint effort of several individuals, from scientists to engineers to students, bound and motivated by a matching dedication, passion, and love for artificial intelligence, science, and education. In this post, we put forward motivation, vision and future endeavours of MAIA.

Our Mission

Artificial intelligence (AI) finds a place in all aspects of our lives. However, the general public has very little understanding of the advantages, but also the potential misuse of this technology in everyday life. AI, one of the sub-fields of computer science, has been studied at many world universities for many years, and has recently been part of the curriculum at Montenegrin universities as well. We are witnessing the accelerated growth of this science, both in terms of the number of innovative scientific works and the number of great practical applications. However, people who are already involved in artificial intelligence, either through academia or industry, are often not familiar with the work of their colleagues. It undoubtedly represents one big barrier to creating a community. So we miss out on all the opportunities that a supportive community offers. All of this made us wonder, is there anything we can do? The answer is, of course, positive! Therefore, full of enthusiasm and desire to create something useful, we gather the community. Welcome!

Through our activities, we wish to bring together people from Montenegro, experts in the field of computer science, primarily artificial intelligence. Our mission is to cultivate acquaintances and collaborations for the joint contribution to the development of one of the fastest growing technologies. Also, in this way, we want to lend a hand to our young people, undergraduate and master's students in Montenegro and abroad. They are the future of our society, that's why we place special emphasis on the educational aspect of artificial intelligence.

Acquaintances lead to progress

Montenegro, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland are just some of the countries where our people work, study, research and innovate in the field of artificial intelligence. However, a large number simply never had the opportunity and pleasure to meet their male and female colleagues. Our hope is that MAIA will allow all of us, who share the same passion, to get to know each other, that it will lead to many fruitful collaborations, fun projects, as well as long-lasting friendships. Collaborations between institutes around the world, as well as between industry organizations, are very common, and MAIA aims to facilitate and encourage such endeavors. Also, we will work together on projects that will have a direct impact on the lives of people throughout Montenegro, projects that will help with everyday obligations, jobs and problems. Artificial intelligence is a technology that is rapidly changing the entire world. We believe that it is time for Montenegro to become part of that change.

Investing in the Future

MAIA firmly believes in the power of knowledge and education and their potential to achieve incredible feats. This is exactly what supports our desire to contribute to the education of young people who are motivated to approach the field of artificial intelligence as well as its diverse applications. As a first step on this path, we will try to regularly use our blog platform to spread news, opportunities, ideas and projects. It will be of great importance to students and other interested individuals in their further training and progress.

Also, within our communication platform, we will organize regular focus reading groups, where modern scientific works, achievements and currently unsolved problems will be discussed, all with the aim of understanding, sharing knowledge and supporting the development of ideas.

The next major step will be the organization of a summer research school, which will give undergraduate and master's students the opportunity to be exposed to the modern fields of artificial intelligence through an intensive combination of theoretical and practical lectures and exercises, and which will represent a perfect opportunity for new acquaintances, friendships and intellectual conversations. Of course, we also plan to organize research events, workshops and conferences where local and visiting foreign lecturers would have the opportunity to meet, share their inspiring projects, exchange ideas and start collaborations.

Next Steps

Although we are at the very beginning of building the MAIA organization, many things are already very much set in motion. We will use our web platform as the main means of communication with the public, while our Slack platform will serve as a place for internal interaction. We are currently in the process of gathering all interested people, so if you want (or know someone who might want to) to become part of the MAIA organization and follow our further development, the registration form is available here .